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Name:Agents of Shield RPG
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The year is 2013 and the world is approaching what is known as a singularity point. Over the last 70 years, random incidents have created the limited knowledge of those who have surpassed normal human limitations and become beings of power. Some born as mutants with unique abilities, some through strange experiments, some with the acquisition of advanced technology, and some through the rediscovery of ancient magic. For eons these beings were rare, isolated, and eventually lost to myth and legend. But as the world changes, they are becoming more common, more numerous, heading towards a point recognized by a yet unknown galatic community where they balance on a razor's edge between maturity as a civilization and self-inflicted destruction.

But there are those who know about this, and one group in particular has been slowly, quietly and secretly acquiring information and resources so that once the emerging beings reach a critical mass, there is an organization ready to keep them from sending the planet spiraling towards its own destruction. That organization is SHIELD.

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